20 years of the Economy of Creativity and Innovation. What’s next?

A few long term forecasts for discussion.

But what's next?

(1) The end of the Economy of Creativity?

WHAT IF: licensing new product developers to master design ethics, moral impacts (and awareness of 'the darker side of design') will significantly restrict entry into the profession.

(2) Megatrend in the industry of forecast.

WHAT IF: foresight and trend watching will shift from forecasting “windows of opportunity” for increasing organizations' competitiveness to assessing and preventing civilizational threats and risks that 'innovation' may cause.

(3) Globally developed 'images of the future'.

WHAT IF: future's sense-making in the form of images and scenarios will be produced not by particular organizations individually, but as a result of the globally developed foresight.

(4) Using creative techniques to better know not your client, but… yourself.

WHAT IF: frameworks designed to identify and tackle unmet customer needs, will be reframed to focus on tacit knowledge of designer, developer, researcher about him/herself?

TEDx speaker, paradigm shifter, author | Founder at lumiknows.com, designresearch.ru, neurodesignthinking.ru | GSN at Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

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